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betsy graham

My passion for art came early in my childhood from my grandmother. She is my inspiration and always will be. After high school I enrolled in The Modern College of Design in Dayton, Ohio and began my journey.  Learning to create eventually taught me that art comes from the soul. It was the feelings of the soul I wanted to explore and share in my art.

But life doesn't always follow a straight path. As a new wife and mother, my art was used to make a living. I worked as a graphic design artist for 20 years when my husband said, it's time… And it was. It took leaving Sierra Heritage Magazine as the Creative Director to realize that I've been in front of a computer for too long… time to get back in front of a canvas. It's time to share my soul -- the joy, the intensity, the sadness, the humor, the awareness, the weakness and the strength.  The feelings.

You will see from much of my work that I have a special devotion to the animal kingdom. What incredible beings they are. I want to touch their souls like they touch mine. I see in these amazing creatures the feelings that we all share; the feelings we have in common with all life on this earth. One of my favorite subjects is memorials for pet lovers to treasure forever.

My goal is to create art that people can feel; inside and outside. Go ahead… touch my paintings. And then, I hope they touch you back!  

As soon as a new painting is dry it enters the "What's New?" section..

Check back often for fresh paintings! 

moving into new studio

moving into new studio space


a splash of color


must have vinyl


a tribute to my grandma

her vision...


my vision...


both of us